AgroBeads® Just Water

AgroBeads® Just Water


Sometimes you need a nanny. Someone that helps you without spoiling your work in progress. With AgroBeads® Just Water, you don’t add any other nutrient to your plants soil, just their most needed liquid, water.


Hydrate your plants without the struggle of knowing how much water is enough, our patent-pending slow release mechanism does it for you. Its as easy as mixing AgroBeads® with soil in a 1:1 ratio and cover your plants soil with it.


It lasts for over two weeks without needing to rewater your plants (depending on your plants needs, a cactus does not need the same water as a corn crop). But you can rest assured that your plant nanny is going to take care of the hydration needs.

Every package includes:

1 L Just Water AgroBeads® (2 air tight packages of 0.5 L)
User Manual

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