AgroBeads® All-Natural Nutrients

AgroBeads® All-Natural Nutrients


If you want greener and stronger plants, you must fertilize them regularly. There are a couple of scientific and technical reasons, but the most important is that the soil (especially the one in pots) has a limited availability of nutrients.


A Healthy regimen of nutrients: boosts your soil and plants. Our All-Natural Nutrients have a standard concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (20-20-20).


Safe for both florals and vegetables plants.


Easy to use. With our patent-pending slow release mechanism our beads take care of all the instructions and dosages that other fertilizers make you follow.  

Avoid the over or under watering struggle. With AgroBeads® you just mix them with soil in a 1:1 ratio, making your life easier and your plants greener.



Every package includes:

  • 1 L All-Natural AgroBeads® (2 air tight packages of 0.5 L)
  • User Manual

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